Introducing RDrive

Building on 15 years of proven industry and mobile software experience, RDrive is the highly advanced successor to SnagR Software. RDrive is designed to manage and monitor the progress of complex projects. RDrive provides the easiest way to organize and coordinate field work, automate reporting, and deliver real-time analytics to improve collaboration and team performance.

RDrive is a platform designed to monitor the progress of complex projects, providing the easiest way to capture field data, automate reporting and visualise sophisticated analytics.

RDrive has designed and built from the ground up to offer higher levels of performance, flexibility and control. New capabilities include:

  • Built-in dashboards for real-time actionable data
  • Customizable issue and process templates
  • Conditional editing controls at the form and field level
  • Automatic assignments based on workflow status
  • Decimal data values with custom notifications based on min/max values
  • Link forms and any data of any size to any inspection
  • Drag and drop designer for flexible reporting
  • Full API for easy integration


  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Property Development
  • Health & Safety
  • Facility Management
  • Rail & Roads
  • Ship Building


  • Mobile Data Capture
  • Quality Control
  • Defect Management
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Document Management
  • Inspections
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • BIM Integration
  • Data Integration

Easy to Use
Simplify and accelerate mobile data capture from the field

Deliver Real-time Analysis
Built-in project dashboards provide actionable information to remote workers

Standardise Processes
Design reusable standard issue and process templates and workflows across all projects

Keep Projects on Schedule
Define process sequencing and monitor progress

BIM Revit Enabled Setup
Setup AEC drawing sets in RDrive with auto marking/locations from BIM Model

Transform work from start to finish
Integrated Revit Viewer provides real-time access to critical information

Future-proof Platform
Full API provide seamless data exchange with other systems


Asia Headlands works closely with clients to develop and implement mobile business solutions that improves collaboration, reduces waste (optimize resources), reduces risk and improves efficiencies of any project. We take care to ensure client and team readiness to implement projects and adopt new processes.

From start to finish Asia Headlands offers flexible set of services as needed to ensure customer success. Services include include project advisory and consulting, workflow analysis, project set-up, training, change management, reporting and analytics and ongoing support.


Compared to SnagR Software and conventional construction software, RDrive provides the several advantages including:

  • 80% faster than SnagR with flexible viewing options
  • Permission controls and assignments to teams and users
  • Streamlined workflows with conditional editing
  • Pre-population of forms and optional forms
  • Standardize issues and process via re-usable templates
  • Location, trade and element tagging
  • Drag and drop report designer
  • View Revit BIM Model and RDrive data in a common interface

Working Faster

RDrive replaces manual and error prone paperwork allowing teams to raise issues, automate processes and collaborate quickly with a simple click of a button using their mobile devices.

Working Smarter

RDrive provides the ability to organize processes and sets of inspections in pre-defined sequences to ensure all work is performed in correct order. Enable project teams to access and share critical information, link processes and add optional forms as needed.

Managing Better

Query any project data through Unified Search engine. Pin-point delays, and quickly resolve bottlenecks using RDrive’s real-time project dashboards from application or browser.

To learn more about RDrive and what it can do for you, please visit the RDrive website or contact us for a free demonstration and demo account.

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Asia Headlands is a mobility and cloud solutions provider for the infrastructure, construction, manufacturing, property development and management industries. Our solutions encompass construction management, compliance, commissioning, quality assurance / quality control, asset tracking, facility management, project management, progress monitoring, safety and security.

Asia Headland’s advisory and solutions improve accuracy, streamline workflows, enable timely communications, and provides valuable data that allow teams to be more agile, efficient, and productive.

Asia Headlands is the authorized reseller of SnagR Software and RDrive in Malaysia since 2015 with more the 300 active projects.

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