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About David Hanson

David Hanson is the Managing Director of Asia Headlands. David is also leading business development and innovation services in Asia and China for Crestlight Ventures and serving as a mentor to blueprint, a B2B technology accelerator created by Swire Properties.

David is a creative strategist and business development executive with a special talent for building public and private partnerships, and is an authority on entrepreneurship, venture development, marketing and IT. He has built an outstanding track record of success in customer value creation, bringing new products, services and ventures from concept to reality.

At Cisco, David created two consulting practices and successfully led transformational projects on six continents. During this time, David was the creator and subject matter expert for four global education programs on entrepreneurship and business transformation that has been translated and delivered in 26 countries.

In Bangalore, David built a team and was the original strategy lead for Cisco’s Globalisation Centre and global Smart+Connected Communities Program. He managed Cisco’s GC and S+CC investment portfolio, operational planning and led the governing board and product steering committees.  

In Shanghai, David led Cisco’s Emerging Countries Services Strategy spanning 20 countries and Cisco’s Greater China Board, comprised of top Cisco executives, focused on local innovation and transformational growth.

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