Defects & Issues

RDrive enable field capture of issues and defects that must be resolved and automates communications for a fast resolution. RDrive’s Issue controls provide the following capabilities:
  • Plot any type of issue including (defects, site observations, etc) on plan viewer drawings and locations
  • Create multiple issue templates with customized fields (custom descriptions, extra photos, signatures) with pre-defined workflows and assignments for different types/stages of issues
  • Automate assignments to Teams and notifications based on workflow status
  • Enable issues to be assigned to users within a Team by the Manager
  • Link issues, inspections and any data to any issue
  • Query an issue based any issue element via the Unified Search Bar
  • Generate issue reports with customized reporting templates
  • Drag-and-drop report designer enables custom issue and inspection reports to be built without programming

Form & Inspections

RDrive eliminates the need for paper inspections that cause delays and errors while ensuring work processes are followed and records are maintained with a full audit trail. RDrive’s Process controls provide the following capabilities:

  • Provide online/offline data entry with your familiar digitized paper forms or digital template
  • Standardize permissions and automation rules for Teams to control access to ensure security and prevent unauthorize edits
  • Enable conditional editing at form and field level to assigned teams and users for each workflow step
  • Support decimal values and computations with custom notifications based on min/max values
  • View inspection history and audit trail in record and reports
  • Link drawing, issues, inspections and data types regardless of size
  • Generate user selected criteria (cover page, history, linked issues, linked document, etc) and merge linked documents into single PDF


With RDrive's optional Revit plug-in, RDrive projects can seamlessly integrate with your project’s BIM Model providing a centralized source for project files and statuses across various trades and packages. RDrive's Revit integration offers the following capabilities:

  • Setup your RDrive project from your BIM model and synchronize drawings and locations at the click of a button from within Revit
  • Quickly create RDrive drawing sets supporting multiple work tracks (i.e. civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, architectural) and locations (i.e., columns, rooms, elements) from Revit
  • Use model parameters to automatically import data like location names and tags into RDrive
  • Update and change drawings and locations in RDrive from Revit
  • Automatically index inspections and issues created in RDrive to the project’s BIM model and Common Data Environment
  • Enable access to Revit reference information within RDrive

Project Dashboards & Reporting


RDrive’s real-time dashboards provide up-to-the-minute actionable data to help project teams improve collaboration and faster action. RDrive’s Process controls provide the following capabilities:

  • Monitor progress to identify delays and missing process steps to support better resource planning and ensure full compliance
  • Interactive visuals on all issues and processes with three-levels of filters and depict status based on your custom workflows
  • Filter and drill through to open inspections and issues from the dashboards
  • Standard dashboards include project overview, team, drawing, controller and activity analysis
  • As everything is an API within RDrive, custom dashboards can be easily and quickly built
  • Generate reports with custom cover pages, workflow history, linked and issues and documents and the
  • Create custom report templates with cover pages. Select template, reporting options including history, linked issues, linked document, and comments then merge linked documents into single PDF