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Finding new markets, building local partnerships, creating new customer value and capturing value and customer loyalty is a journey of discovery, insights and choices among any number of opportunities and potential outcomes. To succeed you must make the best choice. Asia Headlands can be your partner and guide on this journey.

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Asia Headlands is about customer value creation and a relentless focus on business outcomes for our clients. Asia Headlands provides business solutions and strategic advisory to CEO’s and business leaders of technology companies seeking to create customer value and profitable growth for enterprises. Working as a partner, in close collaboration with our clients, we help build strategic insights, discover the best opportunities and take action to achieve sustainable business results. And, where needed, we will roll-up our sleeves and help our clients develop key partnerships and execute their go-to-market strategy.

Asia Headlands brings the requisite industry and functional knowledge and skills to help our clients successfully navigate the sometimes, rocky shoals of Asian markets to bring clarity to strategic options and to make better, informed choices and action plans that deliver results.

Asia Headlands brings many years of experience in China, India, ASEAN and North Asia. Asia Headlands can be your trusted partner on your journey of development and growth.

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Preparing. Discovering. Analyzing. Developing insights.
Bringing focus. Creating unique value. Finding passionate customers.
Building conviction. Enlisting partners. Taking action. Managing change.Making a difference. Achieving real impact,sustainable growth and profitability.
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Asia Headlands provides consulting and business development services that encompasses strategic advisory, go-to-market strategies and market development services for enterprises seeking new opportunities and growth in Asia.

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Asia Headlands provides mobiity and cloud-based business solutions for real estate development, hospitality and retail that transforms customer experiences, improves value-chain performance and increase effectiveness and business profitability.

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Consulting & Business Development

Asia Headlands brings local knowledge and many years of experience in helping our clients build winning strategies that deliver tangible results. We bring fresh eyes and new perspectives to help clients discover and validate true and differentiated value propositions that address customers most urgent needs. We use a structured methodolgy that brings greater clarity and focus on real oportunities. We work in close collaboration with our client’s team to ensure client project ownership and effective change management with appropriate skills transfer.

We help our clientsthink through strategic options and plans including solutions, pricing, business models, resoucing, enablement and operations. Then we help develop highly actionable, demand-driven go-to-market plans to create sustainable competitive advantage and growth. We bring this all together through a value messaging model that will drive sales faster and achieve greater customer and partner satisfaction and retention.

Wehelp our clientsdevelop their markets and business. We work directly to secure key partnershipsand lighthouse customers. In doing so, we help our clients confidently move from strategy to execution.

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Information Technology

Asia Headlands bring many years of experience in developing IT strategies that deliver business results and fit your organizatiion, culture and market. Asia Headland’s consultants have strong knowledge and skills in core technologies spannning infrastructure, platforms, software development and systems integraton. Asia Headlands helps clients define their business requirements, solution specifications and business processes. We cansource and qualify technology and solution providers to enable our client’s toquickly deploy new services that unlock business value..

Asia Headlands consultants bring industry knowledge and experience in construction, urban development, hospitality, manufacturing, supply chain and retail withdomain knowledge in the following areas:

• Mobility
• Omni-Channel Experiences
• Cloud & Data Analytics
• Software-as-a-Service
• Platform-as-a-Service
• Internet of Everything

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Business Solutions

Asia Headlands is an authorized consultant and reseller of SnagR, the first and most advanced mobile and cloud-based inspection and defect management system. SnagR is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, enterprise-grade SaaS solution built for design, structural engineering, construction, compliance, quality and safety.

SnagR extends project management and document management to the worksite. It enables site engineers and project managers to capture issues, conduct inspections and communicate them instantly, improving collaboration, quality and project performance. SnagR enables customized defect lists, workflows, and allows CAD files, drawing revisions, method statements and other document types to be accessible on mobile devices. Its powerful dashboard and analytics engine provides greater accountability and intelligence.

Asia Headlands is a Cisco Advanced Technology Partner for Cisco’s Enterprise Mobility Services Platform (EMSP) and Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) with deep industry experience in urbanization, property development and retail. Asia Headlands and its partner’s business solutions encompass commercial and industrial IoE and omni-channel customer experiences.

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Contact us today to learn more about Asia Headlands. Find out how we can help you

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Contact Info
  • dhanson@asiaheadlands.com
  • snagr@asiaheadlands.com
  • + 852 8192 8330 (Hong Kong)
  • + 1 919 999 2490 (US)
  • 16/F Cornwall House, Taikoo Place
    979 King’s Road
    Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Contact Info
  • + 60 12 3479 323 (Malaysia)
  • 158 Kelawai Road
    Penang 10250, Malaysia
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